Here’s to Another Year

I am one who enjoys structure: knowing which classes I go to on what days, having a set syllabus, and knowing what to expect. But, when I lost my external hard drive, I felt as though I lost a piece of myself – my childhood photos, every single family holiday, my photography. I was the… Continue reading Here’s to Another Year

Princess of Alderaan

Since Wednesday, I have been responsible for looking after my older sister's cat as she enjoys herself at Electric Daisy Carnival, a music festival in Orlando. Her cat, Princess Leia (her husband is a Star Wars geek), had trouble getting used to our small apartment when she first arrived. Already occupied by my fish, Sardina… Continue reading Princess of Alderaan

Photo Practice

For my journalism class, we were assigned a photo project. The assignment was to capture the essence of a certain place in 5 to 7 photos. For my street photography, I went to Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. For the photos I submitted, I played around using Adobe LightRoom. While editing, I learned how to… Continue reading Photo Practice