I felt as though I have lost my passion – the one thing that made me happy. Coming in to my senior year of journalism I've been consumed by responsibilities that fill my schedule – editing articles, creating deadlines, editing layouts – unable to enjoy the little things that I was once able to, the… Continue reading People


Winter with no wi-fi

For this past Christmas, I ended up staying in a cabin in North Carolina for a couple days (including Christmas). Let's just say the journey was definitely better than the destination (although I dreaded them both). But at least I realized I am definitely a city girl, with a passion for lights and bustling movement.

Photo Practice

For my journalism class, we were assigned a photo project. The assignment was to capture the essence of a certain place in 5 to 7 photos. For my street photography, I went to Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. For the photos I submitted, I played around using Adobe LightRoom. While editing, I learned how to… Continue reading Photo Practice