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By Alexandra Reboredo Miami Lakes Educational Center’s auditorium was full of alumni on Thursday— some had successfully completed their first semester of college, others were getting ready to gradu… Source: MLEC Alumni Participate in College-Talk Panel | The Harbinger


Proposed Alternative to FSA Testing

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By Alexandra Reboredo

Florida lawmakers have been searching for ways to improve state testing after last year’s incident regarding servers and general dissatisfaction with the tests. Although they won’t eliminate end-of-course testing, they’ve considered an alternative:students choosing between different kinds of standardized tests instead.

The Florida Standards Assessment was implemented to replace the FCAT. A state-hired company constructed the test along with the national Common Core standardsmeant to prepare students for rigorous college education.

“It’s new standards, it’s a new test–it’s everything coming at them so quickly that it was concerning to teachers,” said Robert Runcie, Broward Superintendent, to the Sun Sentinel. “It’s still concerning. If they’re going to use high-stakes testing, they need to get it right. And we haven’t gotten it right.”

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Do High School Cliques Exist?

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By Alexandra Reboredo

High school movies seem to portray students in cliques- from the Breakfast Club to Mean Girls to High School Musical. However, high schools don’t always tend to be that way.

It is usually natural instinct for people to hang out with those they feel most comfortable and have known for a long time to avoid having to speak with new people.

Nicholas Perez, Cambridge freshman, says, “I have my own clique since Kindergarten. The cliques are by strand and they usually know each other for a long time.”

Teens usually end up grouping themselves with people who have similar academic interests or share classes with them.

Juan Morales, senior in I.T., states, “Cliques aren’t in the sense of stereotypes but by strand. Like, Cambridge hangs out with Cambridge and I.T. with I.T. and Health with Health.”

However, it…

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