Of a Twelve Part Series: Taurus

Doe eyes, wild hair, overwhelming personality: all attributes of a Taurus.

They don’t know they’re doing it, but a Taurus will creep into your life, taking it over piece by piece until your breathing stops and every move is calculated for their comfort. Once either of you realize, it is too late. Try as you might, a Taurus will not let go. They demand the attention and you will cede.

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Under Miami’s Moonlight: New Film Brings Perspective

‘Moonlight’ won 3 Oscars for the 8 nominations they received. Here’s my review:

The Harbinger

By Alexandra Reboredo 

Moonlight is a film that reaches the audience in a way no other production piece has done before — it realistically depicts how difficult it is to be black, gay, and poor as the main character struggles through drug abuse, bullying, and street violence.

Set in Miami, the film follows Chiron, a young black boy who does not fit in. His friends and family coined him with the humiliating nickname Little. He walks into school everyday, avoiding homophobic remarks in the schoolyard, just to come back home to his mother who develops an addiction to snorting “crack” cocaine.

This film shows a different perspective of Miami, usually hidden beneath beach towels and sunglasses, that other people are too afraid to show.

Moonlight also highlights the drug trade problem that takes place in Miami. A character named Juan controls the drug scene. When Chiron finds Juan’s house, which…

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Photo Essay: D.C. Lights

MLEC Alumni Participate in College-Talk Panel | The Harbinger

By Alexandra Reboredo Miami Lakes Educational Center’s auditorium was full of alumni on Thursday— some had successfully completed their first semester of college, others were getting ready to gradu…

Source: MLEC Alumni Participate in College-Talk Panel | The Harbinger

Art in Miami: Changing Relations

During Miami Art Week, thousands of people from all over the world come together for the culmination of different artists. Art is performed and conveyed in different mediums. The differences in art are parallel to race and ethnicities, which is a connection people fail to make.

In the following video, I interviewed three high school art students and how the art community affects racial issues locally, and nationally.

MLEC Alumni Participate in College-Talk Panel

The Harbinger

By Alexandra Reboredo

Miami Lakes Educational Center’s auditorium was full of alumni on Thursday— some had successfully completed their first semester of college, others were getting ready to graduate, and a few were still battling finals. Taking to the stage, they all answered questions ranging from dealing with rigorous classes to living with strange roommates.

Ms. Castro and Ms. Chavez served as moderators to guide the presentation towards the college bound 11th and 12th graders by asking questions and taking some from the audience.

The first question dealt with distance— a particular aspect of colleges that scares away many applicants— and how to deal with parents reluctant to have their children go far away.

“Getting out of your room and doing things and meeting new people is how to cope with [homesickness],” says Flavia Cuervo, Class of 2014, who is currently attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For Christopher Chamorro…

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The 2016 Election and Russia: Hacking and Retaliation

Only 5 days away from the Presidential Inauguration, lots of questions remain unclear.

The Harbinger

By Valeria Bula

The 2016 presidential election was more than what Americans could have ever imagined. From moments of hope to heartbreak and happiness to dread, the election had its share of controversies and scandals, even after its conclusion. Specifically, speculation and questions over Russia possiblychanging the fate of the 2016 US presidential election .

Last week, a series of classified documents, including allegations that the Russians have personal and financial information in their possession about Trump, were presented to President Obama and President-elect Trump.

The allegations came from a credible British intelligence operative, however, the FBI is investigating the validity of the statements, given that its information is based on Russian sources and was compiled into a two-page synopsis.

Four of the senior intelligence chiefs: FBI director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, NSA director Mike Rogers, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper presented the briefings. These…

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