Generations Old and New

The last time I took a trip to the zoo was eighth grade with a few of the same friends I have held on to (and some we have picked up along the way). In a way, it was symbolic. ¬†We joined together to celebrate our departure from middle school, and now we celebrate graduating… Continue reading Generations Old and New


London Attitude

A different continent is met with a group of 36 eager teenagers; blind-sighted, restricted to the comfort zone we consider our country. Our home, made up of every other country, stands nothing parallel to our destination. Yet, none of us knew what to expect. Our flight was with Virgin Atlantic Airlines on their Dreamliner plane.… Continue reading London Attitude

Winter with no wi-fi

For this past Christmas, I ended up staying in a cabin in North Carolina for a couple days (including Christmas). Let's just say the journey was definitely better than the destination (although I dreaded them both). But at least I realized I am definitely a city girl, with a passion for lights and bustling movement.

Faces of the Damned

For Christmas, my family and friends decided to rent out a cabin in Piney Creek, North Carolina. The owner of the cabin seemed to have been fond of animals (but that's just a wild guess). Note: there were also the fur skin of many other animals, but I chose not to include those here.