‘The Good Dinosaur’: Roles Reversed

The film begins about 65 million years ago with scientists’ proposed apocalyptic extinction of dinosaurs, an asteroid zooming towards Earth in space. However, this asteroid zooms past its proclaimed target. Fast forward to present day in the American Northwest, two Apatosaurus are tilling the soil and farming the land with giant noses. The Good Dinosaur… Continue reading ‘The Good Dinosaur’: Roles Reversed


Do High School Cliques Exist?

The Harbinger

By Alexandra Reboredo

High school movies seem to portray students in cliques- from the Breakfast Club to Mean Girls to High School Musical. However, high schools don’t always tend to be that way.

It is usually natural instinct for people to hang out with those they feel most comfortable and have known for a long time to avoid having to speak with new people.

Nicholas Perez, Cambridge freshman, says, “I have my own clique since Kindergarten. The cliques are by strand and they usually know each other for a long time.”

Teens usually end up grouping themselves with people who have similar academic interests or share classes with them.

Juan Morales, senior in I.T., states, “Cliques aren’t in the sense of stereotypes but by strand. Like, Cambridge hangs out with Cambridge and I.T. with I.T. and Health with Health.”

However, it…

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