Faces of the Damned

For Christmas, my family and friends decided to rent out a cabin in Piney Creek, North Carolina. The owner of the cabin seemed to have been fond of animals (but that’s just a wild guess).

Note: there were also the fur skin of many other animals, but I chose not to include those here.

Princess of Alderaan

Since Wednesday, I have been responsible for looking after my older sister’s cat as she enjoys herself at Electric Daisy Carnival, a music festival in Orlando. Her cat, Princess Leia (her husband is a Star Wars geek), had trouble getting used to our small apartment when she first arrived.

Already occupied by my fish, Sardina Jr. (thanks dad for the name), and my bird, Sasha, my room would be lively for the next week. We were given her bed for her to sleep on but when she sleeps (on RARE occasions), she claims my desk chair as her throne. My night’s sleep has been troublesome as I find myself waking up in hourly increments to her ‘meow’

Leia spends most of her day on my windowsill, between the curtains, looking into my fishbowl, or climbing around my bird’s cage as he flies around frantically inside.