Generations Old and New

The last time I took a trip to the zoo was eighth grade with a few of the same friends I have held on to (and some we have picked up along the way). In a way, it was symbolic.  We joined together to celebrate our departure from middle school, and now we celebrate graduating… Continue reading Generations Old and New


Major Changes Coming to Miami Lakes

The Harbinger

By Abigail Castro and Alexandra Reboredo 

A lot has changed in Miami Lakes since its incorporation in December 2000. There are more homes, schools and businesses that have replaced many of the town’s iconic cow pastures.

Miami Lakes is growing, but it is also working hard to hold on to its small town feel.

Home to weekly farmers’ markets, movies in the park and open Town Hall Meetings, Miami Lakes is one of the few, if not the only, cities that advocates community involvement and allows these events to rest on voluntary efforts. Now, as part of Mayor Cid’s campaign initiatives, the Town will be seeing many changes in the upcoming year.

“These events are organized and run by volunteers–by residents–by people who go to the committee meetings,” says Mayor Manny Cid. As the only candidate in the 2016 mayoral election who grew up in the town, he knew…

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I felt as though I have lost my passion – the one thing that made me happy. Coming in to my senior year of journalism I've been consumed by responsibilities that fill my schedule – editing articles, creating deadlines, editing layouts – unable to enjoy the little things that I was once able to, the… Continue reading People

G20 Summit 2017 Hamburg: Recap

The Harbinger

By Alexandra Reboredo

The annual meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20)–made up of 20 countries and the European Union with almost two-thirds of the world’s population–was held in Hamburg, Germany. Leaders of industrialized and economically-developed countries gathered for the twelfth time after Germany gained presidency of the G20 on December 1, 2016.

U.S. President Donald Trump made a strong presence at the G20 Summit, his second overseas trip since taking office. Throughout the informal forum, President Trump tweeted on an array of topics discussed, from meetings with Putin to a special thanks to law enforcement after prominent protesters.

As for the most anticipated moment of the Summit, Trump directly confronted Russian President…

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