How to Photograph on the Move

I recently took a trip to England, where I was constantly on the move – no time to stop for photos. I realized that a photographer can make use of any scene in a short amount time. For those who are taking a trip soon, including a lot of walking or bus rides, these following tips will help you capture your once-in-a-lifetime memories.

1. Do not use the “Auto” setting on your camera. 

While being on the move, the “Auto” setting on your camera may not always be accurate – especially if you’re outdoors. Throughout the day, lighting changes. Thus, the camera must be adjusted along with it. For beginners, familiarize yourselves with the “Program AE” setting. By using this setting, shutter speed and aperture (affected by lighting) are adjusted automatically while settings like “White Balance” and “Exposure” can be manually changed.

2. Catch action shots

The best part about always being on the move while traveling is all the sights there are to be seen. For example, in the photograph above, my tour group was walking towards Buckingham Palace when, all of a sudden, a mounted guard orders pedestrians to make way for the guards. Although unexpected, it was a great opportunity for some traditional London photos to bring back to my family.

With action shots, it’s important to keep a small shutter speed to avoid the blur. Since the shutter speed is decreasing, the aperture (or amount of light entering the camera when the shutter opens) needs to be increased. For beginners, the “Shutter Priority AE” or “Tv” setting allows you to adjust the shutter speed manually, while other settings are configured manually.

3. Capture the theme of the moment

Depending on the places you visit, there is a mood – whether you notice it or not. In my case, England was a place full of public affection. The Roman Baths, on the other hand, was full of seemingly uninterested kids. The best way to remember the places you went is to capture the mood of a place in your photographs.

4. Don’t be afraid

Interesting places call for interesting faces. The number one, top tip, I can supply is to not be afraid. Look at it this way: you will most likely never see these people again, chances are, they didn’t even notice you snapped a couple photographs. The worst part about looking back on a trip is thinking Wow, that was such a cute baby, she was staring right at me, too. She’ll grow up and never remember me.



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