London Attitude

A different continent is met with a group of 36 eager teenagers; blind-sighted, restricted to the comfort zone we consider our country. Our home, made up of every other country, stands nothing parallel to our destination. Yet, none of us knew what to expect.

Our flight was with Virgin Atlantic Airlines on their Dreamliner plane. Ironically enough, none of us could sleep if it weren’t for my wobbly walking up and down the aisles to feed ZzzQuil to the insomniac. La La Land, Assassin’s Creed, Moonlight – movies to fill the 8-hour time gap. Frank Ocean, Joey Bada$$, Harry Styles – to play as the muscle in my thigh twitched from the dosage of diphenhydramine.

Once we arrived, we were on the go – non-stop. The streets of London were our first destination, two tube rides and a train ride away to Waterloo: metropolis of train stations. Soon enough, we realized “Waterloo” has its own song (by Abba, it’s a classic), which served as the theme for our trip. Young American teenagers all of a sudden shout “Waterloo” down the train station in sing-song.

The faces, the attitudes, the people, are all what cannot be defined by photograph, as its dimensions are not all met. Perhaps, a song can tell more. Through the photo essay, we speak through pixels, trying to tell the story of each and every place in London, and each and every face.

Waterloo, promise to love me forever more. 


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