Inside Timmy Timato

    Timmy Alvarez is a YouTube personality who goes by “Timmy Timato.” His channel hosts over 1.2 million subscribers, and he calls his fans #Timatoes.
    His first video was posted to his channel over 5 years ago, and from there his views skyrocketed. He says he began because, “I was honestly just a bored 16 year old! I just started making videos and kept going until now.”
    Most of his videos contain satire, and are usually parodies of YouTube trends. His most viewed video is titled, “The Giant Ratchet Disney Parody.” He says, “I just try to keep the videos fun and never serious!”
    After that video, his most views are under unique Do-It-Yourself tutorials. In order to keep making these video he says, “I keep a DIY idea list. So if I ever think of any random idea, I put it on the list.”
    After creating the idea, comes the filming. Most of his videos are 4 to 6 minutes long.
    “1 video usually takes me one full day, from filming to editing.”
    But, even the biggest of YouTubers face challenges. Timmy Timato has uploaded a video about his biggest obstacle: his speech impediment. He states that it is difficult to make videos; but that doesn’t stop him.
    “I haven’t really overcome it, I just live with it everyday and try to focus on the positive,” he says.
    Aside from his obstacles, he has many supporters. With over 1 million subscribers on his main channel, over 65 thousand on his second channel, and 43.3 thousand followers on Twitter, his fans support what he does.
    “My family is super supportive and always has been,” he says when asked how his family reacts to his channel.
    As a result of his YouTube-ing lifestyle, his mother and boyfriend also have YouTube channels, where Timmy occasionally makes an appearance.
    Through his channel, many of his viewers are inspired to be themselves. Timmy says, “Thank god they accept my craziness.”
    Timmy says that with each video, “My goal is for everyone to like it and laugh at it.”

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