14th Anniversary of 9/11

During the summer of 2012, my family and I went on vacation to New York. It was originally for my uncle’s wedding in Rochester, but ended in a road trip to New York City. While in Manhattan, we happened to be walking by the construction of the 9/11 memorial. They were also giving out tickets by the entrance to encourage more people to enter. The day was cloudy and rainy, so we decided it wouldn’t hurt.

At the entrance, from what I remember, was a metal detector and police officials. At the time, the indoor museum portion was still being rebuilt in the footsteps of the twin towers. But, what they did have, were the two fountains with the names of all those who passed away.

Aside from the fountains were walkways and the famous, “Survivor Tree”, that survived the 9/11 attacks. When the tree was found, it was bent and broken, but is still alive to this day. The tree is symbolic and shows rebirth and survival.

I’d hope to visit again and be able to see the full museum. I’ve seen videos and pictures online, but nothing is better than the feeling of standing in the middle of it all. The eerie feeling of regrowth and the unsettling, yet warm, feeling in the pit of your stomach.

New York 563

Photograph of one of the two fountains at the memorial. In the background, you can see construction was taking place.



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